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sewer dogs; the anti-umbrella underground society

A journal for Reno of the Turks

Victor Sanders
13 November
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Art Layout: (c)Ruaki. Used with permission. Do not steal.

the sewer dogs; the anti-umbrella underground society

Reno once worked for Albert Wesker (dasgottesurteil), but he faked his death in order to get out of his clutches. During that time, Wesker ordered Rufus' assassination. Now, Reno is working under the name Victor Sanders. He is avoiding everyone for the most part, save Jill Valentine (starsescapist). He is currently living with said individual and is working with her to bring chaos to Wesker and his companions.

Reno, though still a Turk, is creating an underground team to dismantle the Umbrella Corporation. Should you want to hook up with him and try to work with him, ping me. He needs more allies.